Coaching for all new, engaged, newlywed and seasoned couples


I’m Marian Meade. I help people find love, stay in love -or get the love back- and build exceptional relationships.

The idea that lasting love will “just happen” is dangerous!   As a marriage coach and wife to Dave for over 28 years, I can tell you that falling in love is easy, but staying in love takes finesse!  Love is an action word, a decision, an attitude, a commitment, and if it isn’t nurtured, it will go away.

Since the quality of your  marriage is the most important factor in determining your overall happiness and life satisfaction,  it makes sense to invest in it.   If you want an exceptional marriage, you can have it!

I can help you to:

  •  start off on the right foot, if you’re engaged or newlywed
  •  fall in love again, if you feel like you’ve lost “the magic”
  •  prepare yourself to find the partner of your dreams, if you’re single

I’ve helped couples and individuals from all walks of life, of all ages, at every stage in their relationship.   Something I’ve learned is that just as we’re all unique, we’re very much the same, too!

If you’re interested, please email or call me for a welcome packet and  complimentary 15 phone consultation.  You can reach me at 613-408-5683 or

You can also learn more about me and my background on this page: About Marian

I regularly run workshops and webinars- please contact me for more info, incuding dates and times

Remember: Don’t settle- you both deserve the lasting, loving relationship you’ve dreamed of.