About Marian

Most of us have been taught to believe that life is tough and we just have to accept feeling so/so most of the time. I’m on a mission to help you Feel Good Now regardless of what’s going on in your world! It turns out  that we can radically improve the way we feel regardless of what’s going on in our lives. That’s good news, cause it means we don’t have to be at the mercy of the behaviour of others, or outside circumstances in order to feel good.  Growing up, I had no idea about this, so I just accepted the challenges of life, and figured that was the way it was.

When Dave and I decided to tie the knot, I was confident that marriage would magically give us our happily ever after. No such luck! We had no idea that love requires nurturing in order to stay alive. We simply didn’t have the emotional fitness and relationship skills, attitudes and self-awareness necessary to deal with the challenges that all couples face. We saw each other as the problem and almost threw in the towel. Thankfully we discovered how to be a truly loving couple. I’m delighted to say that we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this year, and are loving our life together!

As a relationship and emotional fitness specialist I combine my personal and professional experience as an RN, BScN, coach, counselor, educator, wife and Mom in my work with clients. I provide you with effective, research based support so you can develop a loving relationship with yourself and develop emotional fitness skills in order to avoid unnecessary heartache and stress- both personally and professionally. Your life is a journey and I believe the journey ought to be fun!

Dave and Marian



I spent the  majority of my nursing practice as a nurse psychotherapist,  devoted to promoting relationship and emotional fitness with a focus on emotion regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness and interpersonal skill development.

For several  years, I was the author of the weekly advice column Strategies For Living in The Airdrie Echo newspaper, which gave me the opportunity to share solutions to problems of everyday living with the public.

My work as a couples coach is informed through training at the Relationship Coaching Institute, and the Couples Institute (Ellyn Bader and Pete Peterson) and following the work of  Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt of Imago Therapy, John and Julie Gottman of The Gottman Institute and Sue Johnson, creator of Emotion Focused Therapy and author of Hold Me Tight.

I’m indebted to the work of many more, including: Albert Ellis, creator of REBT; Lou Tice; Marsha Linehan, creator of DBT ; Ekhart Tolle; Esther Jerry Hicks (Abraham-Hicks) ; Dr. Len Hew (Ho’ponopono) Pemma Chodron; and Vernon Howard.


I offer the following workshops:

Speaking Engagements

Spiritual Relationships Ottawa Spiritual Pathways Centre

Laughter Yoga  Ottawa Spiritual Pathways Center

Beat The Winter Blues WBC Orleans

Be A Conscious (Mindful) Super Hero  Ottawa Toastmasters Convention

Get Ready For Love  Turner Conference

Healthy Minds, Healthy Families Mental Health Symposium at Ridgemont High

Feel Good Now Industry Canada

How To Have Your Dream Relationship  Unveiled Bridal  Trenton Ontario


Radio:  C100 FM Halifax, 1310 radio Talk To The Hand Ottawa, Life’s Dash with Michele Mattia, The After Dark Radio Show with Ande Lyons and CKCU FM Ottawa

Rogers TV Daytime Ottawa with host Derek Fage,

Rogers TV Ottawa Experts with Host Barbara Balfour

and Rogers TV series Impact Of The Aging Brain with host Ann Dobbins RN

I’m a contributing author of Loving and Lasting- How To Stay Tuned In And Turned On In Your Marriage, and Is That What Love Is?

Together with  Maeve Crawford, I  co-hosted the audio show, Relationship Confidential,  for  singles and couples in 2015-2016.  The show is currently being restructured.

Odds and Ends

After 27 years in Alberta, and 3 years in Oklahoma, I’m delighted to be back home in Ottawa with our  three wonderful sons (aged 27, 25 and 22), our dog Ozzie, and our large extended families.

My personal interests include family and friends, positive psychology, Abraham-Hicks, veganism, movies, design, fashion, gardening, spirituality, and west coast swing dancing


If you have any  questions, please do  give me a call at 613-408-5683 and we’ll get together for a coffee or chat on the phone.  You can e-mail me at marian@marianmeade.com or contact me here.

Talk soon!
~ Marian