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                              Feel Good Now!

I offer Happiness (aka Emotional Fitness)  Coaching & counselling as well as the Feel Good Now program and other workshops to help you feel better in spite of what your circumstances are.

Would you like to feel better?  In spite of other people behaving in ways that you don’t like?  Your partner for instance?  Are they messing up the house, ignoring you, terrible with finances?  Is your boss a bossy boots and you’re having trouble saying no? Are parents meddling in your life?
Or are you feeling unhappy on the inside even though things are looking good on the outside?

Most of us think that we would be happier if only things were different  or if others would do what we’d like them to do.  Clients tell me, ‘if only you knew my partner, or my colleague or my parents….this is true!  Sometimes the answer is to move on…often the answer is much easier

The fact is that regardless of why we don’t feel good, we can learn to feel happier more of the time by learning how to be in charge of our moods.  Whether we are in a relationship, are looking for one, or are simply wanting to feel better, emotional fitness skills are critical.

The majority of our suffering comes from the way we think, and therefore feel about things, and the good news is that we can reduce our suffering by at least 50% simply by changing our perspective and thinking about what we want -rather than what we don’t want- and developing skills.  When I put these skills into practice in my life, my happiness quotient went up by at least 50% and my stress plunged.

What is emotional fitness?

In a nutshell, emotional fitness is  the ability to:

  • Love ourselves and others
  •  Be in charge of our mood rather than having our mood run us
  • Be able to soothe ourselves and bounce back from unhelpful moods
  •  Take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions rather than blaming others
  •  Be self-aware
  • Have empathy for ourselves and others
  • Be willing to co-operate with others  to co-create solutions
  • Recognize that others have the right to their thoughts and feelings
  • Deliberately respond rather than react

When I work with couples and singles , I see two types of issues:

  1.  Inter-psychic (aka baggage), meaning the issue is within the individual

2. Inter-personal, meaning that the issue is between two people

As Dr. John Gottman has concluded in his years of research, the ingredient that successful couples have that unsuccessful couples do not, is emotionally fitness or emotional intelligence.  The same goes for a successful single.

By developing emotional fitness skills, we can learn how to feel good in spite of external circumstances, and behave in ways that meet our standards, again in spite of the behaviour of others.

Please feel free to ring me and find out more about individual sessions as well as workshops.


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