Marriage Education Coaching & Counselling

Silhouette of a man and a woman dancingMarriage is meant to be a Graceful Dance

It requires a lot more fancy footwork than dating does.  Like the rest of us,  you’ll no doubt step on each other’s toes as you  struggle to adjust to each other’s rhythms.

If you’re having issues in your relationship I recommend that you reach out for help asap. It’s amazing how small adjustments can help you develop the grace and flow you desire.

I help clients who are struggling with managing conflict, communication gaps, lack of emotional intimacy, challenges with in-laws, division of chores, adjusting to being parents, infidelity, money issues, lack of sex and falling out of love.

You too can get back in the swing of things and create your own personal dance- graceful, intimate, alive, nourishing, sensual, fun.   Learn to reclaim loving feelings,  create your ideal vision for the future and develop emotional intimacy, the glue that holds relationships together.

I frequently work exclusively with one member of the couple, and the good news is that it only takes one of you to make your relationship a success. If your partner is uncomfortable going for coaching or if you have personal issues you want to address,  individual sessions are a great option.

Pricing: Sessions are $145.00 each and  clients see me for an average of six  sessions.  The number of times we meet will depend on your unique circumstances and goals.

I also offer programs and workshops for couples:

Communication For Couples

Restoring Love After Conflict

Creating Your Couple Bubble

Get Ready For Baby

Protecting Your Marriage



Please contact me for a no obligation complimentary consultation: 613-408-5683 or e-mail me at You can also contact me using the form on my contact page.