Alone on Valentine's Day

The Valentine’s Day Solution

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Valentine’s Day can be a challenge- for all kinds of reasons.  If you are single, you’re apt to feel left out.  There’s a tendency to think that all couples are having a dandy old time…although that’s often not the case!  If you’re in a new relationship, there may be anxiety- wondering whether to buy a […]

Marriage education Coaching & Counselling Ottawa

Marriage: What To Do When Fantasy And Reality Collide

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In  20 years of working with couples and individuals on emotional fitness and healthy relationships, I’ve discovered that most couples have no idea what they are getting into when they marry.  This is thanks to our society, which emphasizes the Hollywood version, and leaves couples to their own devices once they say ‘I do’. We […]

Planning Your Dream Marriage-Trenton Wedding Show

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What does marriage planning have to do with a wedding show? Everything!  In my talk about creating your dream Marriage, I shared that all couples go through predictable phases.   Those who are successful understand that appreciating one another rather than getting stuck in unmet fantasy expectations is the key to having a lasting loving […]

Marriage and Emotional Fitness

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What does emotional fitness have to do with relationships and happiness? In his 35 years of researching  married couples Dr. John Gottman discovered that couples who are emotionally fit have the most successful marriages.  When we are emotionally fit, we’re able to bounce back quickly from setbacks, take responsibility for our behaviour and work cooperatively […]