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Incredible! Working with Marian on self-discovery and relationship readiness has been invaluable to me. Marian (and the program) caused me to really dig deep and try to understand who I am, what I require and need from a relationship, and how to use all that knowledge in my search for a lasting relationship. Marian coached me through a process at my pace and to my ultimate agenda. She was there to help me understand myself through discussion, observation, and thought-provoking questions. Marian’s friendly and easy-going approach made it easy for me to share and reflect on my thoughts and feelings. It was a wonderful investment of my time.
– AH, Ottawa

Marian has a way of always making me feel like she truly cares about me

Marian has a way of always making me feel like she truly cares about me. She doesn’t always tell me what I want to hear (nor do I want her too) but she always tells me what I need to hear. She takes impeccable notes (or she has a great memory!) and always seems to keep up with where I’m at… I was actually shocked that there was still so much to learn about what I really want! The exercises were extremely helpful as I ventured (yet again) into the world of online dating. I imagine this work saved me from a lot of anguish and most likely getting stuck in a relationship that I couldn’t get out of. I feel like I have clearly defined context and structure for evaluating potential matches. This is a game-changer! Marian has been an asset to my personal growth and I will cherish our relationship for the rest of my life. I will also be sure to invite her to my future wedding!
– M. Braswell, Michigan

Talking to Marian about my relationship gave me hope

Talking to Marian about my relationship gave me hope. During our conversations I felt heard, validated and appreciated. Her non-judgmental approach and ability to share her knowledge and wisdom at the perfect time added to the experience and provided me with the information I needed to navigate the next stage of my 6 year relationship. She kindly and lovingly alleviated my fears and showed me what was happening and that my feelings were a normal part of the stage of relationship I was going through. If I hadn’t spoken to Marian, there is a lot I would have remained unaware of, which unchallenged could have jeopardised my relationship. I now feel equipped and supported to know how to continue to enjoy this next chapter of our union. If you are considering seeking help for your relationship, I highly recommend Marian Meade. She is a gift and I am so grateful to have her in my life.
– Maeve Crawford, London England

My husband and I have attended many marriage seminars

My husband and I have attended many marriage seminars and have been counseled by many counselors but instead of having a positive effect; we always left those sessions more frustrated than when we began. With Marian and her unique coaching techniques, my husband and I gained true understanding of one another, gained a new mutual respect, and possessed the tools we needed to allow our marriage to flourish. Countless friends and relatives have commented about our new and improved relationship. It’s nothing short of a miracle.
– L. Shrieves, Oklahoma City

It was so worth it!

Thanks to her insightful, practical coaching on how to make my relationship with my partner a healthy and happy one it now is both!  After  nine years playing tug of war with an omnipresent in-law, I was ready to leave. I am so grateful I found Marian first. She helped me recognize I needed to feel like I was #1 to my partner, and that it was my responsibility to show my partner what that entailed. That took a lot of courage. It was so worth it!
– MF, Alberta

Thanks Marian!!!

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Thanks Marian!!! I will always remember that you were holding the space for me to create the relationship of my dreams when I first met Allen. That was such a wonderful gift and I’ll be forever grateful to you! My beloved Allen proposed to me last week… surrounded by endless ocean…
– Tahnee Woolf, Australia

Marian really helped me

I started working with [Marian] just before I met my life partner, and she really helped me prepare to receive him into my life.

Your webinar

Your webinar on emotional intimacy included ‘a rich smorgasbord of content rich theories, skills, quotes and exercises… your communication of the breakdown of complex ideas were made simple.  Men (especially)  like exercises, patterns, and formulas and you gave them that.
– Denise Wade Relationship Coach Sweet Harmony

Thank YOU for the wonderful workshop!

Thank YOU for the wonderful workshop!  I was impressed with how compassionate and tactful you were with the participants -always checking in to make sure they wanted to share. You were an amazing facilitator and the participants felt very comfortable opening up to you. I was also impressed with the way you mentioned the names of various researchers and integrated their study findings into your teachings. The handout at the end was also a fabulous idea.