Talking to Marian about my relationship gave me hope

Talking to Marian about my relationship gave me hope. During our conversations I felt heard, validated and appreciated. Her non-judgmental approach and ability to share her knowledge and wisdom at the perfect time added to the experience and provided me with the information I needed to navigate the next stage of my 6 year relationship. She kindly and lovingly alleviated my fears and showed me what was happening and that my feelings were a normal part of the stage of relationship I was going through. If I hadn’t spoken to Marian, there is a lot I would have remained unaware of, which unchallenged could have jeopardised my relationship. I now feel equipped and supported to know how to continue to enjoy this next chapter of our union. If you are considering seeking help for your relationship, I highly recommend Marian Meade. She is a gift and I am so grateful to have her in my life.
– Maeve Crawford, London England