What Do YOU Think About Valentine’s Day?

Do You celebrate Valentine's Day

What do YOU think about Valentine’s Day?

I asked a few local ladies and gents between 25-85 what they thought about Valentine’s Day and this is what they had to say:

A single man in his 30’s: ‘It’s a nice gesture, a nice reminder to celebrate each other.’

A married man in his late 50’s: ‘It’s really for the woman….I think it’s a woman’s holiday.  In all my years I do not recall ever talking to a friend or a group of guys about what they were going to do for Valentines Day or what they were hoping to get.’   ‘It’s an expectation for a woman and a responsibility for a man.’ ‘No woman has ever been in the dog house for forgetting Valentine’s Day.’

A 26 year old man in a committed relationship g said that he and his girlfriend don’t celebrate it.  He explained that he and his partner live together and spend almost all of their free time together.  They have the same friends and go to the same parties and events together,  plus they  go out on dates regularly,  so neither feels the need to do anything special on Valentines Day.    ‘If it was important to her, I definitely would do something special’ he added.   Interestingly, when he told a male acquaintance that he wasn’t doing anything for Valentine’s Day, he responded  ‘wow, how do you get away with that?’

A man in his 80’s said he didn’t like the idea of having to do something out of obligation. It kind of rubbed him the wrong way.  He preferred that it be something that he chose to do rather than it being proscribed.

A 60 year old man in a long time relationship scoffed at it saying that Valentine’s Day  was a capitalist notion that has gotten way out of hand and he thought that loving thoughts and experiences could be had throughout the year.  He said, ‘wait till the day after, and then go to dinner and buy flowers.  It’s so much cheaper!  His partner wryly remarked, ‘yeah that’s IF those things are going on throughout the year.’  OOPS!

Two 20 something ladies in committed relationships said that they  used to watch shows from the 90’s where the women were portrayed as demanding, and if they didn’t  get a gift on Valentine’s Day, they would be furious.  Both said that it’s just not like that in this day and age.  

A thirty something married Mom said, ‘We don’t do that… we don’t even really think about it…it is a commercial creation….my age and the younger ones don’t even go there.’

I think the young man said it best.  If you truly are showing love and affection and building in time for each other throughout the year, then you don’t need that special day.  But if your partner indicates that it’s important to them, then do it.  Being a great partner means being the expert at meeting your partner’s needs.  If that’s what would knock their socks off, then why not do it!

What do YOU think?