Wide Awake Marriage – Audio Series

Marriage Counseling & Pre-Marriage Counseling

The Wide Awake marriage series is the key to keeping your hearts open to each other and provides the ingredients you need to create the relationship of your dreams!

Great marriages don’t just happen, they are created-by you and your partner. By developing the right skills and attitudes and investing in your marriage, you’ll be able to enjoy your relationship and avoid unnecessary drama.

Have a listen to the following podcasts, and start your relationship off on the right foot, or turn it around and get the love back.

#1 It’s All About You  The first step to a lasting, loving partnership is to develop unconditional love for yourself.  This allows you to feel good, even if your partner disagrees with you or is preoccupied.  And by loving yourself, you attract more love to you.

Send Loving Vibrations We are vibrational beings and communicate not only by words but by the energy we are putting out.  Our partners can feel that energy and are greatly influenced by it. Invest in your partner by thinking about them positively, avoiding criticism and magnifying the good in them.,

 Mindfulness part 1 is about being fully present in the moment rather than sleepwalking through life.  Practicing mindfulness allows you to get out of your head and be more aware and engaged in your relationship.  It allows you to can make conscious choices so you deliberately create the life that you want.

#4 Mindfulness part 2 allows us to be choosy about our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  With that awareness, we’re more able to pause and be intentional about how we show up in our relationship.

The Journey of Self-discovery When you marry, remember that you and your partner are two distinct individuals. Develop an enthusiasm and curiosity about who you are and who you want to become so you can remain a gift to yourself and your partner.

How To Express Love To Your Partner  Find out what your and your partner’s love languages are so you can ask for what you want, and give your partner what they want.

How To Communicate Effectively In Intimate Relationships Part 1  Take responsibility for understanding and being understood. Stick to the facts. Learn to listen- something most of us can improve on.  Even one partner making changes can transform the whole relationship.  

How To Communicate Effectively In Intimate Relationships Part 2  Learn how to mirror and paraphrase what your partner has said.  Don’t take anything personally.  Develop the ability to validate and make it safe to share your thoughts and feelings.

#9 From Romance to Commitment and Marriage Part 1
  The power struggle phase is a predictable phase that all couples go through. It follows the honeymoon phase and leads to the bliss phase- if managed effectively.  Creating rules of engagement, risking intimacy and treating each other as best friends allows you to move through this phase and avoid unnecessary drama.

#10 From Romance To Commitment and Marriage Part 2
  By creating a vision for your relationship, you’re setting a compass, which allows you to quickly see if you are off track.  Decide to invest time in your relationship and your emotional fitness.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Wide Awake Marriage series!  By trying out just one new idea, it can have a huge positive impact on your relationship.  Please contact me with any questions you have.

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